The spreadsheet

The Spreadsheet - introduction

If you have Microsoft Excel© you can get the spreadsheet right here.

If you do not have Excel installed on your computer, I have saved the spreadsheet as GIF-files all over the site. Unfortunately the interactivity disappears, when you're not able to play around with different values :-(

Where to specify link structure
Where to specify link structure
The main part of the spreadsheet is the yellow area, where you specify which of the 10 pages link to each other.

12 iterations
The result - iteration by iteration
The red / violet area shows the PageRank for each page through 12 iterations. If you want more - you can easily get more iterations. The total PageRank is summed for each column.

Special parameters PageRank from inbound links The orange fields are for understanding the internals of the formula - and should normally be left unchanged. They are described in the chapters about the initial values and the damping factor.

The turquoise field is for specifying PageRank from external inbound links - in order to see how your link structure will distribute PageRank around in your site.

Internal calculations And finally the red border around the yellow field shows the sum of inbound and outbound internal links. This area is used for calculations and should never be touched.

Now, let's look at how the spreadsheet can be used to simulate a simple site structure.